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Representation and Support for Businesses in All Industries and Sizes in All Aspects of Labor, Employment & Workers’ Compensation Law

Nationally Recognized Employment Labor Law Attorneys

Today’s businesses must navigate a highly complex series of employment and labor rules and regulations full of risk and pitfalls.  Our office provides a valuable resource to prevent unwanted risk and exposure.  We also support our clients when the time comes to defend their position in court.

Our team of specialists in labor and employment law assist corporate clients and smaller businesses succeed.  We help our clients as advisors to comply with state and national regulations and represent them when challenges come their way.  With nearly 30 years of experience, we have the background and knowledge to avoid unnecessary losses due to employment or labor issues.

Practice Areas


Compliance with government safety and health are important issues for every business.  When you’re faced with challenges let us help you sort it out.

Corporate Compliance

Supporting your company’s position as it pertains to the rules of your industry and the government regulations you may be required to follow.

Employment/Labor Law

Helping you navigate the complex maze of rights and duties of both employers and employees. We address both union and non union relationships.

Workers Compensation

Experienced in Ohio workers compensation litigation.  We help companies defend their position resulting in fair and just settlements.

Wage Hour Litigation

We provide experienced counsel to clients faced with employee wage or scheduling issues.  If needed we can support your position during litigation.

Collective Bargaining

Professional legal support during negotiations between a corporation and their employees to help establish fair pay and conditions of employment .

Contract Enforcement

We’ll help you confirm if/when a breach of contract has been reached and how to successfully litigate your position to protect company rights.

NLRB Proceedings

Experts in National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) legal support and analysis. We help clients negotiate fair contracts and working conditions.

Client Remarks

“We’ve worked with Vince Norwillo and his team for over 7 years. They consistently deliver us great insight and guidance that help avoid long term litigation.”

Corporate Client

“Norwillo’s legal team put together a solid defense plan for a legal challenge we faced. The outcome was favorable and saved our company time and money”

Corporate Client